Pyenv-Virtualenv - A Virtual Environment Manager Pyenv Plugin

date_range 06/03/2019 00:00

In a previous article, I talked about creating isolated Python environments with Virtualenv. Even though you can spin up isolated environments simply, we can optimize the processto create such environments even more with a Python manager Pyenv Plugin called Pyenv-virtualenv.

Blogging with Publish0x - Overview

date_range 05/03/2019 00:00

So in attempt to make passive income, improve writing a bit, and blog more, I actually stumbled across a new blogging platform called Publish0x.

Pyjsecoin - API Wrapper for JSECoin Python v1.7

date_range 03/03/2019 00:00

So as a side project, I have decided to write a Python wrapper around the JSECoin API. This is the first time I ever made a Python Wrapper for an API.

Virtualenv - Isolated Environments for Python Programming

date_range 03/03/2019 00:00

As a developer that deals with Python a lot, packages end up becoming a big issue. After installing packages for one project, those dependencies might end up conflicting with your new project. Another case, involves trying to solve a dependency problem, but to solve a dependency you follow some random tutorial online and mess up all of your Python packages. In order to alleviate this problem, Virtualenv was created for isolated Python Programming. This tutorial uses a Mac to install of the packages.

Docker Build Run Exec

date_range 27/11/2018 00:00

Now that you have created your first Dockerfile, you probably want to know how to build, and access the container.