Docker Build Run Exec

date_range 27/11/2018 00:00

Now that you have created your first Dockerfile, you probably want to know how to build, and access the container.

Creating Your First Docker Image

date_range 25/11/2018 00:00

So now that you installed Docker and ran the first hello-world example, you are probably still confused on how to develop your own scalable isolated applications. The first step to do so is to create a Docker Image.

Intro to Docker

date_range 24/11/2018 00:00

I actually wrote an article about this topic back in 2016 which I deleted because I really didn’t know how to use Docker, but after gaining some experience with it, I finally understand why it is so important and I can actually write about it. I deleted the old one because it was just even a bigger literary mess then this is.

Google Colab Overview and Quick Start

date_range 25/05/2018 00:00

A friend of mine told me about this free online cloud service by Google that lets you train and develop models with GPU support. This is really great resource since I blew a lot of money using AWS services on their GPU clusters. This tutorial will go over how to set up Google Colab and not how to run any models. That will be in the next one.

Machine Learning High Level Overview

date_range 16/05/2018 00:00

So something I have been neglecting to write about is the ever growing fast field of Machine Learning. After getting back into machine learning and deep learning through developing my web app, I have decided to make a article about a high level overview of Machine Learning. If you are looking for more practical examples, then this article is not the best place to look for something like that. All sources used to write this article is listed below.